博彩网址大全学校 is truly a global community enriched by our students, who hail from approximately 20 countries each year. Our international students find their home beside the shore, where they are immersed in an educational boarding experience that will prepare them for productive 和 meaningful lives in college 和 beyond.

The variety of academic 和 extracurricular programming is what attracts students, but the boarding program is what makes Knox their home. Our 住宅生活 program is where students learn to live 和 grow together. For many of our students, it is the first time they are living away from home. The relationships forged in the dorms between students from all over the world last forever. 的博彩网址大全核心价值 Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Kindness,奖学金 come to life every day when students 和 adults navigate the complexity of managing a healthy school-life balance.

At Knox, students make friends from around the globe. Our students above hail from Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Spain 和 Vietnam.

学费 & 费用

学费 & 乘车地点: $60,000
个人附带账户: $2,000
医疗保险: $2,000
国际学生费用: $6,000

ENL一级: $7,000
ENL二级: $12,000




  • Find academic success 和 increase the use of the English language through our intensive ENL程序
  • 个性化的 大学咨询
  • Complete the college process including preparation for the SAT 和 TOEFL tests
  • 同侪教导
  • Designated nightly study hours 和 library access


  • New student orientation 和 support for transitioning into a study abroad program
  • Underst和 和 integrate effectively into American culture
  • Participate actively as well-rounded members of the Knox School community through weekend activities 和 after school extracurriculars
  • Safe, secure, 和 enriching residential environment with round the clock dormitory staff presence
  • 24 hour, seven days a week access to our nurse 和 doctor staffed Health 和 Wellness center
  • 三个营养, 每日热餐, served by our kitchen staff who know the names 和 special dietary needs of every student
  • Transportation to 和 from international airports on travel days

设施 & Ammenities


  • High-speed Wi-Fi 和 wired internet in every building
  • 大多数建筑物都装有空调
  • Student lounges 和 common areas with cable television
  • Full kitchens or kitchenettes in all residential buildings
  • 大部分宿舍设有洗衣设施
  • In-house nurses, wellness clinic, 和 athletic trainers/physicians
  • 滨水通道,可供垂钓、划皮艇等.
  • Hiking trails within walking distance from campus


  • 每天三顿热饭,随心所欲
  • 周末早午餐,随便吃
  • 不同的菜单
  • All meals prepared daily on-site by CulinArt chefs
  • Dietary options available (vegetarian, gluten-free, religious/cultural needs, etc.)


  • 早上叫醒电话
  • 宿舍家长24小时值班
  • 校园持牌社工
  • 24/7 health 和 wellness support, infirmary, 和 quarantine dormitories
  • 有监督的日间自习室
  • 监督晚自习时间
  • 学术辅导班


Sending your child abroad to study is a big decision – at Knox, we are here to make it easier. Our small community allows us to give each student the warm welcome 和 introduction to Knox that he or she deserves. 具体来说,我们:



  • 工作人员 members will be waiting to greet your child 和 transport him or her to campus from JFK airport
  • 抵达校园后, Student Council members will be waiting to “meet 和 greet” the newest members of our Knox family

Familiarize your child with Knox before school begins

  • Our comprehensive Student Orientation Program introduces new students to the day-to-day routines of school, prepares them for the rigors of our academic program, 和 incorporates team-building 和 bonding activities amongst the Knox student body
  • 有专门针对 住宅生活, students learn how to live harmoniously in a dormitory while respecting the space of others
  • 工作人员 provides assistance with shopping for dorm set-up items, 化妆品, 和 other important necessities to provide students with the comforts of home

“I came to Knox as a seventh grader 和 received amazing support to build my English skills. The Knox administrators 和 staff truly care about every student’s success 和 are highly qualified to deliver the best education that is possible.”


“有大学校园的感觉, Knox ensures that students are immersed in an educational world where learning is central to all activities. It’s a unique setting that promotes a high educational experience, friendship, 和 trust.”


“To be a Knoxie means to be prepared to impact this world in a way that matters. This was taught not only by faculty 和 administrators but by students as well. Peers who support each other, no matter their color, religion, ethnicity, or, let alone, interests.”


“在博彩网址大全, I learned how to manage my time 和 balance academics 和 athletics so I could be successful in both. 整个社区就像一个家庭. 我离家很远, but my parents 和 I never worried because Knox was like my second home.”



图为博彩网址大全学校的学生, the Oldest Established Boarding School on 长岛,纽约 - USA


  • 90 距离纽约几分钟车程
  • 10 距离长岛铁路几分钟路程
  • 60 距离肯尼迪国际机场几分钟路程
  • 25 Minutes from the Bridgeport / Port Jefferson Ferry
博彩网址大全学校 is the Oldest Established Liberal 艺术 International Boarding School on Long Isl和 New York - NY - USA

平均而言,博彩网址大全国际学生包括 35-40% 在学生群体中

图为博彩网址大全学校的学生, the Oldest Established Boarding School on 长岛,纽约 - USA

每一年, 100% of our graduates are accepted to their college of choice, 许多人进入了美国排名前50的大学

For more information about college acceptances, student matriculation 和 scholarships, visit our
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